Why Use ICF Construction for your New Home

ICF (insulating concrete forms) is a particular form that you stack and link together to form a wall, within this wall there is rebar, and concrete. The outside of the form is usually Stytofoam. There are tabs usually every 8 inches that the drywall can be screwed to, and also vinyl siding and stucco lath.
The concrete in these forms is very strong, because of the slow cure time, around 90,000 psi at the peak cure. So we have a Toronado proof, wind proof, and sound proof structure.
Heating and Cooling costs for homes built with ICFs are quite low. On an average the cooling and heating equip. can be downsized by 1/2. The operating R-Value of these homes can be between 30-40. Less dust, low noise admitance, and sound Building make this my choice for home construction. Because these homes are very tight,(infiltration) they need to install a HRV (heat recovery ventalator) to supply fresh air into te home.

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