Heating Season 2014-2015

We are now entering the 2014 heating season. Now is a good time to have a annual checkup on the appliance that provides you comfort during the cold winter months. Annual checkups help to find problems that may not show up until the appliance gets a good workout on a cold winter day. Many times HVAC equipment will break down during a long cold spell and when that happens, most of us HVAC contractors will be booked solid fixing and repairing these systems.

Some key components of a typical tune up include:

  • Filters (I recommend monthly replacement/cleaning)
  • Sources of carbon monoxide (leaky heat exchangers)
  • Strange noises (fan motor bearings failing)
  • Gas burner adjustment (spiders can build webs, causing poor combustion)
  • Flame ignition systems (Hot surface igniter can be cracked)
  • Pressure switch malfunction (causes lockout of equipment)

We can provide the following services:

  • Combustion analysis (set burner for proper combustion) This will identify problems not seen by visual inspection. Combustion analysis is  performed using a computerized combustion analysis  tool. Our tool is sent to the factory yearly for calibration.
  • Heat exchanger test ( test for leaky heat exchanger in furnaces)
  • Carbon Monoxide Test (CO2 test each room)
  • Load calculations (We can run a load calculation to determine proper HVAC equipment sizing)
  • Cleaning Blower Fans ( Dirty fans wheels do not provide the proper air flow to the heated space)

Boiler maintenance:

  • Check proper flow through the hydronic circuit
  • Check Pumps/circulator
  • Check Flue Draft
  • Boiler Control and Outdoor Reset Function
  • Mod/Con High efficiency Boiler Setup and Diagnosis
  •  Modulating Condensing Boilers need annual service to provide the highest possible performance they are capable of. Annual combustion analysis and cleaning are very important!!
  • Feed valves and Glycol feeders need to be checked for proper operation.

Some brands we install and service are:

We are Southern Utah’s choice for providing the best service and installation of theses systems. We pride ourselves on being up to date on all the new technologies coming from these top notch company’s. Give us a call on your next service and maintenance problem or for your next new project! We are a hometown heating, air conditioning, solar thermal, geo thermal, radiant floor heating & snow melt system contractor. Please contact us for your next project!

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