Geothermal Radiant Heat & Cooling

This system is 20 tons of cooling on a 10,000 sq ft home. We used Tekmar Controls to make it all work together, the main control is the Tekmar 406 house control. The 406 controls the Tetco heat pumps in a lead/lag configuration. The first stage is 2-5 ton heat pumps and the second stage is the other 2 5 ton heat pumps. There are 11 zones in the home, the Tekmar 557 touch screen thermostats control each zone of radiant heat/cool and forced air hydronic air handlers. The thermostats monitor the humidity and dew point and then reset the water temperature that goes out into the floor, avoiding condensation collecting on the floor during cooling. This system also has a 8 panel Solar Panels Plus evacuated tube solar collector system with a 500 gallon drain back tank. The tank provides domestic hot water and injection into the radiant floor during Heating.

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